Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pet shop adventure

Hello everyone J One of the duties of having a pet is to feed it, thus today me and Daphne and Efi went to our closest pet shop to get some cat food. Daphne also feeds some stray dogs and cats and got tons of food that made her car smell terrible.
Everytime we visit this pet shop we get excited to see the animals there. These little guinea pigs were so cute and adorable and we thought it would be a a nice idea to take a video with them. Unfortunately while the camera rolled these cute little animals decided to mate.  This was a quite awkward event.
Happily this hamster was alone in a corner and wasn’t in a mood to mate. I love how hamsters eat and then clean their faces with their hands. I could watch it all day chilling and eating.
Last but not least the parrots stole the show not only because they are extremely beautiful but also because they were utterly noisy. When I tried to snap a picture most of them got scared by the camera except this one little hero who stood surprisingly photogenically out of the crowd.

Gracie Daphne & Efi

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

End of summer vacation

Hello everyone. I returned from my vacation to the Ionian sea. Last week was the most relaxing week of this year. I was lying on the beach and eating as many ice creams as I could. I might be a couple pounds heavier but definitely worth it.
Now I am back in Athens and ready to prepare everything I need for this year, but there is a tiny piece of me that is really sad that August is over. Summer is always suck a joyful period that when it ends it’s impossible for me to avoid some feelings of melancholy.
I have heard many people say that they feel emptiness and discomfort after the end of the summer mainly because they know they’re gonna miss the hot , long,  golden summer days. The smell of the seawater and the sounds of the waves are always what’s left in my memories.
The days are getting shorter and shorter and despite my panic I am excited that this year is gonna be so much different now that I am moving to London.


Monday, September 1, 2014

Procrastination Problem

Hello everyone! I am back from my vacation and now that I recharged my batteries I am ready to work hard. Today I was looking for air tickets to London! Daphne has already booked everything since she is so neat and organized but I keep procrastinating. Sometimes I feel that even the simplest tasks are too hard for me, like booking tickets or even answering the phone. I get anxious and almost paralyzed with the most insignificant things, I think about them over and over and most of the times I convince myself that I can’t do them at all. 
This is the thing that I would like to change this year. I should set goals and try to achieve them without panicking. Maybe I should keep a journal with everything I want to accomplish and break them down so I could do them step by step. Sounds so easy but I already feel my palms sweating. I know that I create barriers in my mind and sabotage myself but the feelings of incompetence are strong. Do you have any thoughts on how to fight procrastination?

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