Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rupaul's Drag Race Controversy

Hello everyone, these hot summer days all I wanna do is drink cold tea and watch Rupaul's Drag Race over and over again. I know that this show is really popular in U.S. but in Greece not many people can recognise Rupaul. That feeling of expressing yourself in every possible way even bending stereotypical gender rules seems extremely liberating. Drag performances are funny and entertaining thus I don't see the reason why someone can't enjoy the show. Unfortunately there are people who feel offended when they see Rupaul.I love it when it happens, I love the way boys can't explain what is so offending about it and they just claim that the show doesn't match with their aesthetic, as if their camouflage pants and the stained tank tops are avant-garde of aesthetic that can't be compromised.

 Last week I showed the video "Sissy that Walk" to a guy and when he realised that Rupaul was a man he started shaking, he asked me multiple times why I showed him that video, I calmly answered that since he was playing some music I wanted to show him a song that I liked. He didn't liked that explanation, he was red as a baboon's arse and thought that I implied he was gay. What is wrong with straight boys? Why they always feel the need to declare their sexuality and get offended if someone else is gay? Maybe they are afraid that the sexual orientation can be contagious and if they turn gay they will be really sick. Well it's kind of disturbing trying to explain to a straight guys that there is nothing wrong with the drag queens but it is always hilarious seeing them getting furious. The last this guy told me is that if  he hears this song again he will shoot himself... well I am always here to help.


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  1. Please try not to associate cross-dressing with being gay. Address the issue that is presented and avoid lumping a sexual identity with an entire orientation. RuPaul is a cross-dresser, and, while perhaps many cross-dressers are gay, you are wide the point if you automatically jump to gay when encountering men in drag. This pigeonholes transvestites into an identity they are clearly not trying to be associated with. If they wanted to be considered gay they would wave rainbow-flags and say "we're gay," whereas they wore wigs and and said "we're cross-dressers." I know you're trying to do the right thing but you didn't. You showed somebody a vid that made him uncomfortable, then allowed the perpetuation of stereotypes by not distinguishing that this is itself a unique culture. Now this friend of yours hate gay people and transvestites. We need society to move forward and not backwards, and you need to decide whether you want to be part of the problem or the solution.

    Think of it like this - Sure, soccer comes from England, but the German team, who won the world cup this year, is not British. It's kind of like that.


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