Monday, July 14, 2014

Playing with cute cats

Hello everyone! Now that the weather is super hot we don't dare to go out  for long so we are going from house to house. This Saturday we were at Efi's house and we were playing with her cats. She has a wonderful garden and her cats are enjoying so much to play in the dirt.
Here you can see sir Meowlis looking like an aristocratic cat. He is so huge and cute. He is not fat but he has an enormous body. He is also terribly kind and although he doesn't like to have his pictures taken he poses tentatively.
 He is the most calm cat I have ever seen. He wants to be pet all the time, sometimes he is a little winy when we cook cause he is hungry 24/7!
In the picture above you can see Satanitsa. She is truly a little devil! She likes to get dirty that's why she is always rolling around in the garden.She extremely playful and sometimes we hug and pet her but if she's not enjoying it she will show it right away with her claws. Apart from that she is friendly and she hangs out with Meowlis everyday, they bath together and the sleep together!
 Satanitsa was so little when we first found her! She was begging for food and seeking hugs from strangers. Now she is a lady and she owns her own garden.
The two cats are living harmonically together for over a year now. They are both neutered so they are close friends.
 I love it when Meowlis is doing that pose! He is the cutest! :)
Have a nice week!



  1. Awh - I love cats! I have 2 black and white kitties and they are so much fun! Cute pictures!

  2. aaaaaaaa the last picc is so adorable
    you are such a talented cat photographer !!!


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