Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pink Heart Handmade Two Piece Dress

Hello everyone :) Today was a cloudy day in Athens and it was such a relief cause I can't stand the hot sun forever. I try not to get a tan this year so I am using a ton of bronzer.
So today I decided to wear my new two piece dress. Me and Daphne were sewing day and night last week and finished many dresses. Fortunately we have endless fabric to sew till death do us party. This is the first dress I finished last week and it's one of my favorite! Daphne sewed 5 or 6 dresses, she was on fire. I can't compete with her skills. I am slow dressmaker like a sloth but my last creations are more professional looking and I made less mistakes. 
I also did my make up in a drag queen style. My inspiration was a mix of  Adore Delano and Roxxxy Andrews. I know that the make up seems conservative in the photos but it's really heavy.
I wish you have an awesome day!


  1. Beautiful! Very cute dress :D I want to make my first dress but I think doing a two piece might be a bit easier.. hopefully!

  2. Stunning both the dress and the make up! The shine is flattering your face ~


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