Friday, July 18, 2014

Life Changes

Hello everyone. These days I am super excited yet really anxious about my future. As you may know, me and Daphne were looking for masters programs in the UK and we finally decided where we wanna go. The fact is that we are gonna drastically change our lives.
I am thinking over and over that this is just a small step and I try to convince myself that I am not anxious but now that the summer is almost over the dramatic voice inside me hopes I had more time.I wish I had the chance to talk to the future me just to reassure me that everything is gonna be ok.  I am not sure what is the point of this post since I can explain if I am afraid of leaving or if I am anxious about the unknown. I am a shy person and I was never too social, I kinda hate being thrown into a new environment. On the other hand I wanna meet new people and start a new life as a real adult. I guess that I am really confused right now because I bet I am coming across like an extremely scared person, which is far from the truth. Wow as I am writing this text I see how I contradict myself. I guess I am done with thinking for the day.



  1. I kind of feel the same at the moment. Soon I will go to Argentina for one year, which felt like the greatest idea ever two months ago, but now I start becoming afraid of this decision. It feels like there is not enough time before going to fully enjoy it with all my friends, like there'd be no coming back to my hometown.
    But I'm sure when the trip started, everything will turn out great, for me and also for you. I never heard someone saying a trip like this was a heavy mistake in life. :P

    1. I am from Argentina! What a coincidence that you are coming to my country! Where are you from? =)

  2. Girls, I really do wish you the best of the best! Your are very fortunate to have this opporunity. I bet that this is going to make you more mature and change you for the best! Keep us updated! ^_^ By the way, I feel the same way, Gracie! I always fear when leaving my comfort zone, but hey! Everyone, not just me and you, has the same fear! Let's all break free from our comfort zones!! =D Best wishes!


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