Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ella the lion cat

Hello everyone, today I spent a lovely day with my cat Ella. During the summer she enjoys staying at the balcony chasing cicadas or lazing around on the cool floor. 
However despite all this exercise, I've noticed that she got fatter and fatter. Her once little belly now looks like a balloon. She has such a small face for that big round body. I really don't mind her being voluptuous but I'm concerned about her health and eating habits. 
Here you can see that huge mouth that consumes large amounts of food whenever it has a chance. I have tried multiple times to get her on a diet but everyone else is keep giving her treats even behind my back. There is a lack of synchronisation of her feeding schedule especially when I'm away for hours. 
I know it is hard to resist these huge round green eyes when she is begging for an extra bite. But more importantly, if you do manage to resist she will bite you mercilessly like a lion she is. Or she will keep meowing during the night time disturbing your sleep.
Ella's doctor told us not to worry about her weight yet but at this rate she might be in trouble soon. This makes me anxious since I'll leave in September for my master studies in the UK and I will have no control over her eating. Do you have any tips for keeping a cat fit?


1 comment:

  1. fatella !!!!!! just stop feeding her ! its not like she is not active as a cat


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