Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Social pressure-changing hair color

I've had blue hair for two years now and I love it. I love how the color changes when I wash them too often or when I go out in the sun without a hat. I love that I can wear a black dress and still look colorful. But I have to admit that it is a constant struggle to have blue hair. I live in Athens, Greece and people are far from open minded, everytime I go out I have to deal with nasty comments and  inexplicable behaviors. I am not sure if I can deal with this situation any longer and also I don't think that it's worth it. I prefer to keep myself away from this drama.
You might think that I am overreacting but I am really tired of people touching my hair or asking if I am wearing a wig. This is not funny any more and I am seriously thinking of dying my hair a more natural color. It is already hard being a woman so this is unbearable. Misogyny runs so deep in the society I almost expect from people to insult and harass me, my hair color is just another excuse to put me down and mock me. 



  1. Although the society I live in is not very open-minded about coloured hair, I feel like Greece might be worse. I hate hearing how my own friend group insults and talks behind girls' backs (girls with coloured hair that is) when they pass us.
    I am wanting to dye my hair too, a pastel pink or purple but I fear society's reaction even though I always tell people not to care.

    You are so very brave to walk around with blue hair and I personally would be sad if you had to change the way you look just to please people around you whom you don't know and probably never will. I love your hair!

    I'm scared but I'll take a small step on Saturday - Going to get a pink'ish gradient!

    Lucy Hart <3

  2. How horrible :/ Why do people think they have a right to be rude?!

  3. Gracie, that's a horrible situation to be in.

    I love your hair colour, I think it's gorgeous, and suits your personality down to the ground. Ultimately though, it's you who has to live with it. If you can't brush off the comments any longer, then you should do something so you don't have to be upset about it. It is a real shame though.
    I think we're lucky in the UK - on the whole anyway, people don't really care (unless it's a crappy manager at work!).

    Big hugs

    Faith x



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