Monday, May 12, 2014

Conchita Wurst-the equality issues

Hello everyone :) Today's post is dedicated to the bravest person of the year, Conchita Wurst. She is a the Austrian singer who represented Austria and won the Eurovision song contest in Copenhagen. She is a fierce drag queen with an incredible voice and a huge talent, she deserved to win not only because she's an awesome performer,she wore a beautiful dress and sang like an angel but also because she handled with grace and respect all the hate against her.
First of all I would like to mention that I don't consider myself a spoke person for LGBTQA community and I wouldn't dare to compare myself and my everyday problems with their struggles. I just feel a deep love for people like Conchita who are true fighters.
These last days I have seen multiple people writing mean comments on Conchita's facebook page. Also many of my facebook "friends" declared with pride that drag queens are freaks of nature. I was so shocked with all this hate, I can't comprehend how it is possible people in their 20's to have so closeminded and misanthropic opinions.I even heard people say that these people will corrupt young kids. I never knew that a performer would be able to destroy innocent lives and contaminate the society. But besides the fear of the unknown I find it really disturbing to live a life based in hate. There are people out there who are haters, who want to tear apart the LGBTQA community mentally and physically. This time the message that the European people gave is loud and clear, we demand equality since we live in 2014. It is unacceptable to hear death threats and hatefull comments when we should be all united. It is time for some people to grow up and accept that not everything society taught them is right. Conchita was elegant, refined and had the best song in the contest, I can't see any reason why she shouldn't have won. Her sexuality is no ones business, she's an artist and she should be judged just for that.


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  1. She is not only gorgeous but talented too. Anyone who says something mean or cruel really needs to re-assess their own lives.


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