Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cat in the Sun

Ella the cat is no different than other cats. She just loves to sleep all day and only takes breaks to bite me. Nowadays her favorite place to sleep is this sunny spot in our living room. Everyday around 5 the afternoon she has just lays there in the sun and sleeps. But first she poses like an adorable kitty she is.
Look at her! Her big green eyes are so cute I'm so happy I was able to capture this photos. Here she looks like a calm angelic creature which we all know it is a lie. 
You would think that because she enjoys napping with her belly exposed like this she would enjoy belly rubbing? of course not. She will bite you no matter how sleepy she is. 
So so so pretty. I've showed this photos to nearly every person I know by now. I mean, just look at her!! So photogenic (I'm so jealous). Just a few hours ago she was trying to kill our parrots. Who would have guessed. 
Good girl! Have to make sure to clean those paws after all. I wish she would be that calm whenever I try to take photos with her. Oh well.  She is almost 2 years old now. When will she calm down?



  1. last photo is superb a work of art !

    ~the one and only

    1. thank you so much :)
      Ella the cat is a great model!

    2. she is killing it ~!!!!!


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