Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A day at the Attica zoological park! Part 1

Hello everyone, a few days ago I had my birthday and Gracie surprised me by taking me to the Attica Zoological Park! I've never visited the park despite the fact that it is located close to my home. It just never occurred to me.
Taking selfies at the park. We were so colorful all the little kids were going nuts over our hair. Luckily, we visited the park on Thursday and it wasn't very crowded. The park has over 2000 animals and we made sure to see all of them. Our favorites are birds and cats of course. Look at this cute bird creeping on us while we were taking the above selfie. A lovely hairdo as well.
Here's me riding a turtle. Since my car broke down a month ago, it was a good alternative although not as fast. Notice the lack of little children? The giant turtles weren't a popular attraction.
Another bird, of course. We took loads of bird pictures, but we forgot to take a picture of the leopards. Our favorite animals. They were playing the whole time we were there so it was really fun.
Here i'm posing with the zebra. The African safari was my least favorite exhibition. The animals were mostly asleep and far away and you had to walk around to get to the cats. Also, the weather was perfect. It wasn't shiny (as usual). It was cloudy with a constant warm temperature, which was just perfect. We were able to walk around the park for 3 hours without getting sunburned.
And here is this big bird (Unfortunately, I didn't write down the names) It is said to be the most dangerous bird in the world and I've actually watched a short documentary on animal planet about it. Later that night I dreamt that it roamed free on the streets near Efi's house.

And here is me with the flamingos. They were all jealous of my hair. Sorry birds there's only one pink haired queen in this park today. I'm just saying that they look white compared to my hair here. Overall, the park was great I really enjoyed going and I look forward to going again! The only sad part was that Efi couldn't come since she was working, but we are planning on going again the three of us. So everyone, if you ever visit Athens don't forget to pay this park a visit, it is really worth it.

Do you enjoy going to the zoo?



  1. That looks lovely. That big bird is an Australian Cassaway - just so you know. :) And, happy birthday!



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