Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A day at the Attica zoological park! Part 2

Hello everyone :) As you may know one week ago was Daphne's birthday and we went to the Attica zoological park.
 Daphne's hair was so pink that day that not only the animals but also the trees felt a slight envy. I loved this photo because her hair tone is matching so well the flowers behind her! I am wondering if the flowers use the same silver shampoo as Daphne does.
I also loved the above photo cause this cheetah reminded me of Ella. It was resting so peacefully under the tree with this huge tail and the soft belly. I actually didn't touch the belly of the cheetah, I am just imagining that it would be extra soft.
 But the most friendly animal in the park was by far this Hyacinth Macaw parrot! He was so blue we had to take a picture together!
He let me touch him little nose and he enjoyed my company. I've never seen a parrot so happy in my life!
His cage was really big so he could fly away if he wanted to be he decided to stay with me. I knew he was attracted to me!
One of the most awkward moments was when we mixed up this little red parrot with the chattering lory. Daphne said "Excuse me little mister are you Chattering lory?" and the he got offended. I guess his name is Lorius but I am not sure.
This white-throated toucan posed naturally for us. I guess he is some kind of bird model!
 After all this walking we were exhausted and we sat for a while to admire the park.
Meeting and greeting all the animals was a really hard work! Luckily we had with us some amazing cookies which I stole from Daphne's house so we gained some energy to continue our trip!


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