Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Space in Public Transportation-Feminist Side

Hello everyone :) Today I want to talk about men in public transportation. I want to start by saying that whenever I am alone in the subway or the bus I am constantly alarmed that something inappropriate might happen to me. Most of the times men are invading my personal space, they do it on purpose and they do it to proclaim their dominance. I haven't seen one guy sitting in a normal position in the subway, they always try to take as much space as they can spreading their legs as far as they can in a desperate move to get noticed.
They are all so obnoxious and loud, especially when they are with their friends or when they try to impress a woman, little do they know that women are not impressed by lousy, noisy, needy boys. Yesterday there was a guy hitting on a girl on the subway and his loud voice and his awkward laugh made me cringe. I hate how they are so confident screaming their non existing opinions in every situation. I don't care if their opinion is positive or negative, they can keep it to themselves. I don't want to hear if you like my hair or if you hate my outfit, I just don't care, get over it. No wonder why I disrespect men. I have this constant need to protect myself and other women from men that I can't feel any need to hear them or talk to them. I feel that I'm always in danger and it's not unreasonable when the leading cause of women's death are men. So whenever I see a woman struggling to get away from an uncomfortable situation I always go near her to see if she needs any help. Do you feel the same?



  1. I feel similar. I generally don't feel safe with public transportation with either gender.. maybe it's just my area. I have noticed that men do seem to hog the space or place their items in open seats... I'm already sitting with my legs tight together and trying to make myself smaller.. just so the other person is comfortable. -__-

  2. I am similar in the way that I do help a woman if she is in need, but I also help a man. Anti-man isn't being feminist! Not all men are like the men you're talking about in your post. I usually agree with you on your feminism posts, but not this one. This one is too general and saying that all humans with penises are horrible creatures, which is not true. Why not speak up and politely ask the guy OR girl to close their legs and ask them for some space, as it's the last seat left or something.

    Also, women are dangerous too. I don't know if this post was created in the heat of the moment, but not all men are dangerous and you don't need to fear all men simply because one other man hurt another woman.

    Like I said, I usually enjoy your posts on women equality and such, but I feel that this post was a little out of hand.

    1. Can I also add in this article?

  3. no time to read the whole article tho i think i already know the story
    here to tell ya that it feels good to see your posts~
    plus omgggggggg its a pink kitty !


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