Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Present Hunting for Daphne's Name Day

Hello everyone :) Yesterday was Daphne's name day and we celebrated all together with lots of food, chocolate cakes and presents! Her parents got her a new phone, cause as you may know she was in terrible need for a new one since her last one was stolen. But before celebrating I had to storm in the stores to find the perfect dress. It's so hard to pick something even for your best friend...
I looked everywhere in Athens and I couldn't find a dress which screams Daphne. It's extra hard these days to find a dress that it's cute and declares you are a feminist at the same time. Unfortunatelly I couldn't find the perfect gift so I compromised with a blue collar skater dress.
Anyway this was a hard task for me and I regret to admit that I failed. The above photos were taken before realising that I'll never find the perfect present. But we should all wish to Daphne again happy name day!


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