Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New smartphone?

Hello everyone,
Recently I've been looking at new phone devices 'cause I'm in need for a new one. My previous phone was the Motorola Razr xt910 and I was really happy with it. It delivered a great performance and our friendship lasted for 2 outstanding years. Unfortunately, one month ago, it was stolen from me along with my wallet. Sometimes I wonder where it had ended up and what kind of creep has seen my pictures and apps. Good thing that most of them were just photos of Ella. I just like to imagine that they formatted the phone soon after in order to re-sell it. Right now the highest price for it could be around 130 euros (for a used phone) or much lower. Which basically sucks. I thought that no one would be interested in an old phone, but I guess I was wrong. Good luck trying to sell a super used phone with a broken speaker (that is hard to change) and a somewhat faulty screen. Oh well. Above you can see me and RAZR (and admire the bad quality of the photos)
My needs are the following (in order of importance):
High resolution screen
2GB RAM and quad core CPU
8MP (at least) camera and 2MP front camera
SD memory card slot
Supporting the latest android version out there
Offering fun stuff
An easy choice, I could make is the new Moto G by Motorola. A great Smartphone at a really low price. It has a great screen resolution and a quad-core processor. However, it has an only 5MP camera and 1,3MP front camera which is kinda disappointing. Another big reason I might not end up buying this phone is the small storage. With only 8gb available storage and not an SD slot I cannot see how one can use the quad-core processor. Maybe that's why the camera has such a low resolution.
At the same price the only decent phone I found was Galaxy S3. I remember I really wanted that phone when I bought my old Motorola. I kept seeing it in K-dramas and was really jealous. While it is a fair competitor with the moto G and a smashing bargain, it is now an old phone. It will get the latest KitKat update, but I believe that will be the latest update it will ever get. Also the technology used when building this phone is now outdated and unfortunately I watched a lot of videos of people comparing the specs with newer phones and they made me lose interest...

Especially after I saw the S4 vs S3 comparison. Now S4 is a phone I would genuinely love to own. Good camera (good enough to take a decent photo and have a decent Skype video call), expandable storage, great processor and RAM, great screen and resolution and a LOT of weird features and sensors. And I'm just a sucker for things like this. Like yeah, I want that humidity sensor, it is really important in my life. A lot of reviews were saying that the phone is gimmicky. But gimmicky = interesting and fun? It also supports 4G and has other great stuff. Also, it is made of plastic, but I don't care. I've seen it up close. It certainly doesn't look cheap. It looks really cute. And there are TONS of cute cases available since it is a popular model. Like I'm always jealous of how Iphone users have aaaall this variety of cases to choose from. Well, I believe that a samsung galaxy is as close as you can get to that. So yeah the price is 307 euros right now and is gradually dropping. I'm thinking of trying to wait a month or so to see if it ll continue to drop and meanwhile be on the lookout for any offers of used phones. As long as they offer warranty I'm fine with buying a used one. What's the point of spending extra money on a new one if I'll get stolen again in a couple of years...

Other phones I've been considering that are about the same price as the S4, are the Nexus 5 and the LG G2. At first I actually wanted the G2 but guess what? No SD slot. Well lol, I'll pass.
This was an extremely LONG post (trust me, I could write about the phones forever since I'm obsessed right now), but hopefully it will help anyone looking for a budget phone. You just have to write down your priorities in a phone and always remember that no phone is perfect (except the samsung galaxy s5) and move on.

Have you bought recently a new smartphone that you love?
Do you have any reccomendations for me? I would love to hear them,


  1. Get the S4. You will LOVE it especially the camera quality. The speed is amazing and there's tons of space for lots of pictures, apps and extra files. The battery life is crazy in comparison to the s3. It charges quickly and lasts so much longer. I barely worry about having my phone die when I'm out!

    1. Thank you for your suggestion! Well, I already bought it! I'm so happy! It works flawlessly, and the screen is amazing. Like I thought my previous phone had a good screen but now I don't rememmber how I was satisfied with any other screen,,,,


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