Monday, April 7, 2014

Back Back Back

Hello everyone :) We've been super busy these days so we didn't have much time to take photos or make any posts.. sorry..But from now on we hope that we'll make it up to you, or at least we'll try. Yesterday was Efi's name day and we made some chicken pies and the most awesome cake we have ever eaten. Unfortunately we didn't took any photos of the cake cause we ate in 2 seconds.
I can only saw you the chicken pies which were delicious. We were kinda rusty and the only thing we did was watch some Rupaul's Drag Race episodes. Then I fell asleep. So I can promise you 2 things. First is that we won't be away for that long again, and the second is that we'll make Efi's cake again and we'll post the recipe! We hope you have an awesome week!



  1. You look so cute :3 I'd love to try one of these pies :D

  2. Love the dress you're wearing! :)


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