Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ella the cute lady

Hello everyone :) Today me Daphne and Ella had a quiet evening. We were drinking tea and Ella was sitting on the bed watching us. She looks so confused, maybe she can't understand why we are working so many hours. Applying for unis isn't easy Ella!
Other times she pretends to be indifferent that we are on the same room. She might seem occupied with random objects like this beanie but all she wants is attention.
She is really depressed when we don't pay attention to her like we ought to. She's a royalty and it's undeniable that she deserves the best treatment. Who can resist to this silly face!
Although she tends to jump off balconies and roofs trying to break her previous record Ella is the cutest cat! Those big green eyes are too cute to handle :)
Ella wishes you a great day!



  1. How cute is Ella? I love cats too, they are part of my life!!!


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