Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Toy Store Adventure

Hello everyone :) Today me and Daphne went for a shopping spree in a local toy store! We had to choose some presents for Daphne's little cousins but we ended up buying everything cute in the store. It is so nice to be in a toys store early in the morning cause there are no kids around to cry or yell. So we had all the store for us!At first, we went to our favorite aisle the one with the Lalaloopsy dolls! They are so perfect, they have pink and blue hair! I was super jealous that Daphne found a princess doll in pink, it's so unfair that there is no princess with blue hair.
The only cute doll that I found with blue hair is this sailor with the silly hair.. I can't be royal but at least I found a cute doll.Also the sailor had a cute octopus friend.
Then we took a look at the section with the plushies. Some really cute blue and pink rabbits were waiting for us. I know it's not Easter but who can resist them?
Next we went on the hello kitty section! All this pink makes me so happy! Although the one thing that I don't approve is the kitchen toys for girls! Girls don't need to learn how to cook, they need to find someone who cooks for them!
When we stopped looking for dolls we found the puzzles. Daphne really enjoys them and she bought a puzzle with 1500 pieces!! I hope she finish it soon so she can show it to you.
This was our first day shopping after Christmas. These days we search for universities and it's super frustrating. We hope this torture to end soon. We wish you a happy week!



  1. Aw your shopping trip looks so much fun! :) x

  2. I just found your blog, but I LOVE it. So happy to say I'm following now. I look forward to reading more awesome posts :)

    xo Aubree

  3. ohhhhmm sooo cute!! like a dolll!! :D
    check my last post**


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