Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Moden Art Museum

Hello, everyone today I'd like to share with you photos from a modern gallery I went to. These are somewhat old since I have totally forgot about them... I went with Efi which is our professional photographer who has an eye for artistic photos.I like going to modern art museums as you can always see something new and bizarre, like rocks or scary stuff. It can be funny and educational at the same time. Well I am no art expert but I always try my best to understand the art in front of me, usually failing though... 
This first photo is my favorite from the bunch. Efi took a lot of photos trying to capture the "moment" and I really liked the result. It goes well with my hair and that's all that matters.
Here I pose with the most bored expression ever in front of a survivor inspired theme apparently. I did not understand the exhibit and the wallpaper looked like it was placed in a hurry.
Next there was this little cute house-exhibit. I liked it as I think it would be perfect as a real trailer house of someone with style. Sadly you are not allowed to pose in the exhibit..
Lastly I posed with this thread spuns painting. Since I like to sew it seemed fitting. Orange doesn't go well with my hair but this time I made an exception.
So yeah, do you like to visit modern art museums even though you probably won't understand anything??



  1. That first photo is beautiful :) Looks like you guys had a fun day!

  2. yeeeeeeees i am such a pro !! ~ef
    h teleftea m aresei muchos!

  3. That first picture is so cool, this sounds like so much fun!
    xo Hannah



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