Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Little Mistress Jacquard Skater Dress

Hello everyone! Today I'm super happy cause my new dress from Asos arrived . It's called Little Mistress Jacquard Skater Dress!I always wanted a dress from this brand, obviously because of the name.
I'm really sorry I couldn't take better photos cause I was terribly late for a date. This dress might not seem suitable for the winter since it's in light pink but if you hate wearing black all the time like me it's awesome to have light colored dresses in your wardrobe.
The part that I really loved and didn't expected with this dress is that it has a small petticoat to make the skirt look fuller! Furthermore it's made from woven fabric and looks super retro!
I wish I had time to make victory rolls to complete the look.. 



  1. Beautiful outfit! I love your hair!!


  2. You look good and love the hair :)


  3. You look so pretty and I hope your date was fun. I'd love a dress with a fuller skirt :) I'm following your blog, btw! ♥

  4. Thank you so much for your lovely comment :3
    I fell in love with this blog, love the colours, the 'about' part, I'm following you :D

  5. Such a beautiful dress and your hair is amazing, wow! I am jealous I would love to do my hair like this!

  6. Such a sweet dress. You look amazing

  7. What a gorgeous dress! Love your hair too girl :) x

  8. BDSM
    Rope Bondage
    London Dominatrix

    Really enjoyed your blog post. I kind of felt a bit jealous, but then it would take some kind of mechanical device – with hydraulic pressure – for me to fit into such an outfit! I can’t wait to read about how the training progress.


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