Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Body Policing

Hello everyone. Today I wanna talk about a thing that happened to me last night. I was out with my boyfriend and we were about to meet some of his friends, I was wearing high waisted shorts and a shirt, my hair were a little bit wavy and my makeup was flawless with long lashes and killer cateye. I was feeling really confident with myself and my outfit until I saw my boyfriends friends...
At first they greeted us and then one of these guys had the nerve to ask  me what I was wearing. WHOA. I curtly and politely replied "an awesome outfit" but this wasn't the end of this conversation. He though he would be too smart or too funny to tell me that it seem I had forgot to wear pants (cause my legs were showing) I'm not the person  that he could take down that easily so I replied "well this is a lovely outfit and I wont accept any more judgement". Then his beloved friends jumped to save his ass and started telling me that I should at least admit that my outfit was provocative. This was outrageous! What it's so provocative with wearing shorts? Maybe my legs that he has seen multiple times on the beach  all of the sudden are socking and provocative. Or maybe my body is oversexualised in his little brain that he can't see how sexist he is. I have no idea why I should endure this pain every day and deal with all those people who think that they have the right to judge others for what they wear. What I wore that night was none of his business and actually I don't care about anyone's opinion, if I feel confident in an outfit I won't take it off for nobody!



  1. I'm glad that you feel good about yourself! They were completely in the wrong :(
    Did your boyfriend say anything to his "friends"?

    1. Thank you so much :) No he didn't do anything.

  2. Wow, that is horrible! I hate people who think they have the right to judge you on what you wear...and I can't believe they would actually say something to you as well. Clearly jealous!

  3. How incredibly RUDE! You are allowed to wear whatever you like and whatever makes you feel confident and good about yourself. It is disgusting when other people feel the need to pass judgements and outwardly make inappropriate comments to put others down. I really admire how you handled the situation and what you said. Good job lady!


  4. How horrible. I'm glad you don't care for his opinion, it's your body you can do and wear what you like!!
    I think for a lot of men, girls become objects of desire, chances are you looked 'quite sexy' in his head, and being his friends girlfriend he felt uncomfortable. so he thought he should say something, when really he should of kept his mouth shut. I'm glad to hear you stood up for yourself and hopefully he'll think better next time
    keep your head high :)))

  5. I had the same thing a few days ago at work! I was wearing high waisted jeans with my t-shirt tucked in. It was apparently a little too much for work?!? I work in a really casual office! I couldn't believe it! Good on you for sticking up for your self!

  6. This stuff really gets on my nerves xD We (girls) learn that we shouldn't look very sexual, but we don't teach boys to respect and shut the hell up!

  7. I am happy you stood up for yourself. My wife is 21 and she doesn't wear shorts or anything cute because she's to worried about people will think of her. The only thing I think matters is what you think of yourself. Never be afraid to show beauty and be yourself, it's what makes you unique.


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