Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Female Gaze

One of the most outraging aspects of our patriarchal society is the male gaze. Women are presented as sexual objects in the media culture and all the members of society are forced to look thought the male gaze. There is none who can deny that the objectification of women isn't imprinted on our brains. Most photoshoot present women either vulnerable or sexy or clueless (standing like a child, being cute) and it's rare to find a striking female photo, posing like a man with her chin up. For that reason these photos of Ponystep magazine are more than amazing!
I love the way Noemie Lenoir holds the male model like a child and he seems so vulnerable in every pose. His face is almost hidden in her shoulder and all we can see is his body,that's a classic way of objectifying a body. His arms are toned but in the second frame his little waist and the way that he arches his back evoke a feeling of submission.
I wonder  if there is one person out there that can concentrate on Noemie's looks while a naked male model stands in "female poses". He still looks like a manly man, buffed with a stiff face but this is not a typical photoshoot, you know it isn't when you are not intimidated but instead you wanna touch his butt.



  1. Definitely distracting. You raised an interesting point. Sometimes fashion editorials in womens' magazines are all about the male gaze. The example of a woman sitting on a bed, looking straight at the camera, with her legs spread apart. When I see this sort of thing I double check that I've actually picked up a womens' magazine.

  2. fav post by far !
    clap clap clap


  3. They are certainly interesting and thought provoking images. However, what is also interesting is that while on the surface, the gender roles have been reversed, when you look more closely, they have really. The woman still adhere's to many of the gender codes, such as an off-balance stance (the first photo) and the photos still draw emphasis to areas like legs and breasts (the first and second).

    I find the choice to use a naked male model also very interesting as, for me, he is the first thing to draw my attention and then the woman - simply because the nakedness is more uncommon. This, in a way, presents the male as more important than the woman, which reinforces the values presented in other, more traditional photos.

    Or at least, that's how I see it. Thoughts?


  4. This is one of the best blog posts I have read! So interesting and thought provoking, I followed you on bloglovin' look forward to reading your posts :) x


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