Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ella's Santa Outfit

 Hello everyone!
Today I just wanted to share with you these adorable pictures of Ella the cat in her brand new Santa cape. She looks so fancy in this it's hard to believe she is the same cat!
 It was soooo funny watching her moving around the house in her new cape. Since it's really hard to hold this kitty for more than 1 minute she ended up wearing it lower than it was supposed to but wouldn't let me fix it for her. As a result she ended up walking around the house like a corgi-cat.
 The weird this was that she didn't really wanted to take it off. She kept showing of her beautiful new cape feeling like cat royalty. I was expecting her to freak out and throw the dress away immediately as she usually does wherever you try to put something on her.
 But she was so relaxed and I'm a proud cat mama. In my next post I'll make sure to post some pictures with her hood up since she is looking like the red riding hood that way. So you can see that this cape is actually really versatile.

Have you managed dressing your pets up? How did they react?



  1. How cute! In my house our pets get dressed up all the time. My dog Bella pretty much has her own wardrobe of jumpers and pajama's as she doesn't deal with the cold very well. My house mates cat Charlie has a "security" jumper as well as a little bumble bee costume. Its the cutest thing, he sure does hate wearing them though.

  2. I love your blog

  3. Nice cat. I like the part where she is gazing at you from under the table, paws splayed, eyes huge.


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