Thursday, December 19, 2013

Throwback Thursday #2

 Hello everyone, in this week's throwback Thursday I'll be reminding you the time I had brown hair as well. These are additional photos that I took for my Curlformers review back then.I love curlformers! I mainly use them to straighten my hair since my hair is actually a lot curlier than that. After a while the curls loosen up creating a straighter result.
I have 2 different sets of curlformers. And yesterday I bought another one just because I had to try it out! It's the extra extra wide curlformers and they actually have a wider wand to pull the hair O.O
Amazing right? Well, when it gets here I will review it for you and hopefully the results will be awesome.
The awesome thing about curlformers is that they manage to keep the frizz away (at least for a day) which is a miracle for my hair!
So in the pictures here I use the regular curlformers as well as in this post.
But in the posts 1,2,3 I've used the wide curformers.
I must admit I always buy my curlformers off brand from aliexpress and ebay since the retail price is just crazy!

So have you ever used curlformers? How do you manage to make the curls stay longer??

PS. the dress I'm wearing is one of the first dresses I've ever made with Gracie.



  1. aaaaaaaaaaa m areseiii ! gt den t kaneis suxnotera? =ef

  2. It usually lasts for me, but that is because I have very thick, Dominican hair! The problem is that it frizzes up so easily when I'm in a humid environment!

    I'm in love with your dress, you're beautiful AND talented! Double whammy!
    Happy holidays dear, keep posting :)

  3. Your hair is curlier than this? My hair is so painfully straight!

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