Friday, December 6, 2013

Throwback Thursday #1

Hello everyone! I was looking at some old photos today and I couldn't recognise myself without my blue hair! This photo is from 2011 and I remember vividly the moment it was captured. Back then Daphne and I were attending sewing courses and it was a hard task to go to the lessons cause they were across town. That day we went to the course really late, as always, because we thought it was a good idea to take some photos before for Lookbook..
This is the original post from that time and here you can see Daphne in the same photoshoot. I also remember that I had my hair freshly cut by me! I used to have really long hair but that month I decided to chop them off! Daphne had a recent haircut too, unfortunately I wasn't the hairdresser..



  1. Looking nice :)

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