Monday, December 9, 2013

Skeptical Ella

Hello everyone. I know you haven't seen those round eyes for a while but Ella is back and is ready to solve all the philosophical questions of our age. She's clearly taking secret courses while we are sleeping.
Anyway Ella lately is really nice, she stays more time with us and she seems like she enjoys our company. When she was younger she couldn't stand being in the same room with us, unless she was eating. She doesn't hate us but she a really independent cat.
She is a tough girl, really energetic and smart but she wasn't ever a cuddly cat. Sometimes she comes and sits in my or Daphne's lap and she does it in the most awkward way, she doesn't know where to put her head and she definately doesn't want to be pet while she is sitting there.
Whenever we try to lure her in our arms she refuses. The only way to change her mind is with food and when that's over she won't stay for long..
So what can we do to make her seek for more affection? Is there a method?


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