Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Quick Festive Nails!

Hello everyone. I hope you are having a great time this Christmas! We've been so busy lately that we haven't really posted and Gracie's been sick for the past few days but luckily she is better today!
So, anyway, lately we've been obsessed with nails and recently ordered our beginner acrylic kit and we are waiting for it to arrive. So I've testing different nail styles these days and I came up with this quick and easy new year's celebration one!


Step 1
Begin with painting your nails golden. I used 2 different sparkcly nail polishes for this effect. I just love glittery nails

Step 2
With a dotting tool slowly make the shape of the 2014 on the nails. On the remaining nail I painted a simple heart shape. The white will really help the numbers stand out more!

Step 3
Carefully with a smaller doting tool paint the number and the heart over the white nail polish with a red nail polish. Of course you can try different color combinations if you wish but I thing golden and red are the most festive ones.

And that's it! Easy right?

I wish everyone a happy new year!!


1 comment:

  1. This post just reminded me that my nails have been looking so shoddy for over a month now....might have to buy some glittery nail polish asap!



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