Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pink Hair Love

Hello everyone, today I'll be posting pictures of my hair and makeup since straightened my hair after so long and really needed to capture this moment. Also I really like the shade of pink that they are right now. It's a mix of directions, special effects and adore dye. I basically just add anything pink I can find and then some purple (got to keep out the yellowness).
 I took these pictures with my cellphone after watching Hunger Games with Gracie and Efi. It was a great movie you should definitely see it. But apart from that, has anyone else noticed how hard it is to take selfies with smart phones?? Like I have to guess where the button is or if the picture is actually taken or not. As a result I have loads of blurry and stupid confused pictures. Only these 4 survived.
So yeah, how do you solve the smartphone-selfie problem??



  1. I love the color, stunning! :) And I loved that movie. Can't wait for the next already.

    I have such a tough time with taking selfies. Always an odd color, and my new phone warps around the edges and does some very unflattering things to my face lol. Takes a lot of tries to get a decent one sometimes ;P

    xo, Haylee

  2. to xroma einai odos apo ta pio petiximena ! ~ef

  3. Daphne, your hair looks amazing. Both you & Gracie carry off pink and blue so well! It's made me want to bleach out my vibrant red and go a pink hue!

    Faith x



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