Thursday, December 5, 2013

Demure Collar Dress

Hello everyone! Today we went with Daphne at Efis house! Nowadays we are all working hard at different projects so we don't have so much time together as we used to. But today we went there and we played with our 3 cats, yes Ella was there too!
We also watched the semifinal episode of America's Next Top Model, we don't know who won yet..Lately these episodes are getting really boring. Tyra managed in this cycle to eliminate all the good models at the start of the season! Anyway to prepare for this awesome evening I put my collar dress and my circle lenses, cause I literally can't pet cats without my lenses..
So have you ever watched antm episodes? How do you feel about the cycle 20? ( don't spoiler anything we don't know the winner!)



  1. I'm so in love with your hair color. I still haven't seen someone with the exact color! So unique.

    I'm super behind on ANTM. I did watch two episodes weeks ago... looks like a fun cycle. Must get back into watching it. I'm sure there's been tons of drama haha.

  2. Love that dress!

  3. omologa apo pou to agoraseeeees ?!?!?!?!?!? ~ef

  4. I love your hair!! the colour!! its soo sweet!
    And i like your look!!
    check my last post**


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