Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sailor Outfit

Hello everyone! Today I felt like a sailor, so I chose this outfit cause nothing screams sailor more than a blouse with stripes. Sailors move from place to place and that's what I'm about to do! I need to refresh my closet asap cause I'm getting tired of all my old clothes. This change means that drastic measures should be taken, like going to London for shopping! We don't know yet(me and Daphne) but there is a chance to go for few days in London!
We are super excited about it but we have a lot to arrange to do this trip.We'll try to go just because London is beautiful this time of the year! Hope you have an awesome week :)



  1. I LOVE your hair and in combination with that lipstick it´s absolute killer! Your outfit´s super cute, too.

  2. The color of you hair stands out fantastically in these photos :) I'm a big fan of the sailor look as well.


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