Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friday Favourites

Hello everyone! Today I would like to share you wit my top 4 wigs! I really like wearing wigs just to change up my style so I'm always on the lookout for a new one. The most important thing when looking for a new wig is how natural it would look and if it could be an everyday wig. So I will only be satisfied when I'll find the ultimate wig which will both have style and look natural. As a result I'm usually looking lace front wigs which provide the most realistic hairline (I can't leave my hair out since they are pink). 
Bobbi Boss Lace Front MLF45 HAZEL. I really love the hairline of this wig but the parting is pretty small.
Model Model Lace Front Wig Mikaela. Another great wig with a nice hairline and a good variety of colors.
Janet Collection Whole Lace Wig Paris. This is a whole lace synthetic wig which means that it has a great hairline at the front with about 1,5 inch of parting space. However the whole cap is made out of some kind of mesh material and it has no tracks! I wonder if it could be possible to add some foundation on the black mesh to make the part longer. The most natural looking wig of them all.
Freetress equal deep invisible L part Virgo. First of all I love the variety of colors of  this wigs. They even have my hair color, pink! The parting and the front is all handmade lace which adds to the natural effect.

It is really tough to decided which one I like the best! Do you use wigs in your daily life? Is there one in particular that you really love?


PS. all of the photos where taken from


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  2. I wear wigs daily and I have for 3 years. I don't dye my hair anymore, so I wear unnatural colored wigs. I actually just ordered Freetress Amerie in red! Anyway, about the Virgo wig: I saw it at my local beauty supply store and the colors are gorgeous. Unfortunately, the hairline is THICK and very unrealistic. Just a heads up! Have a nice day~

    1. OHOHOH. But I could have just seen a bad Virgo wig. I just looked at the pics on hairsisters and the hairline is different. If you decide to get Virgo, please post pictures because now I'm REALLY confused about the hairline.

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