Monday, November 4, 2013

Ella Wants Attention

Hello everyone :) Today I have more photos of Ella to show you! Lately we've been trying to run some new projects and Ella feels left alone when we stay for too long in front of a computer screen. She comes to say hi and show off her belly. This is her sadistic moment, she's showing something that if we touch she's gonna bite us and leave.
   I don't know why many cats don't like being touched in the belly. Seems like a nice spot but to be honest Ella doesn't like to be pet most of the times (I mean everywhere) This is madness, how can you live with a cute cat and just look at her.
She's there in front of us, looking us like she's begging for petting, but no! This is an illusion! When Daphne couldn't resist anymore she touched her. Oh yeah she did. The proof is the photo below!
 But that touch resulted Ella hiding behind the computer! She stood there hagging the adaptor singing "can't touch this"
 Look at this comfortable position. She literally prefers to stay like that than being pet. How does that make sense? Is it some kind of  torture to touch her?
Not before long she left us again! This is the price to pay if you can't resist her cuteness. She'll bite and scratch and then leave you till you learn your lesson..


  1. project lete to orange is the new black ? ~ef

  2. awwww ella is soooo cute!!! love her eyes!

    Zara xx

  3. I love your new look - it's so cute. I especially likethe new pictires/drawings of both of you, althought I'm sad to see the others go, they were cute too. And of course, Ella is adorable as ever. :)


  4. Ella is adorable! my cats do this too, 'I'm cute and I demand you look at me!' then swipe away if I dare pet them! x x x


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