Thursday, November 7, 2013

Brand New Layout

Hello everyone! I'm proud to present to you our new layout!

On the left side is our old design and on the right side is our new one. We are supper excited for this long-awaited change and while the old design was cute and familiar it was problematic and overwhelming. So we sat down and discussed what we should change in order to make the blog simple and pleasant for you.

Our main goals:
1) Reduce the size of the header. It was really important that the viewers are able to see much more than half the first photo of the posts. The size of the old banner was really problematic especially for small monitors.
2) Have only 1 column. In the old design we felt that the photos and the posts where lost in between the several elements of the columns on the right and the left. We chose to have the posts on the left as studies have shown that the reader's eye usually tends to focus on the left side of the screen
3) Make all the elements simpler and sharper. This includes the categories right below the banner and the navigation menu below our photo.
4) Do the above and remain cute. We really loved the signature cartoon figures we had so we just had to include them in our new design as well. We decided to ditch the side pic of us since having the cartoons with the pictures seemed like "face overload". We post daily anyway so really you won't miss our faces.

We still have to add a navigation bar with our most frequent subjects and our social media buttons but other than that the blog is almost finished! It took weeks to get here and loads of testing but yay.

Since I'm more experienced in the designing department it was mostly up to me to do all the designing. Then I would present my thoughts to Gracie and discuss the changes. Since there are 2 of us it is usually hard to agree on everything but luckily we have similar taste in most things hehe

The process:
Since I love drawing I started by drawing the characters. I wanted them to be cute but sassy and kind of similar to us. You can clearly see how mine is shy-er while Gracie's is sassier which is realistic enough. On the clothing we decided to go with princess/modern theme which basically means clothing that we would die to have. Gracie kept sending me pictures of Disney princesses for inspiration.
I did the basic drawing on Photoshop. Then I refined all the lines in Illustrator for the smooth tool (smooths out the curves, its amazing). And finally I did the coloring and the shading in Photoshop.
Since I haven't drawn anything in ages I had to search all over the web for inspiration and drawing techniques. Then I worked for about 2 weeks and while it might seem like too much work for something so small the reality is that I really enjoyed doing it and I needed an excuse to draw. I was really surprised about how much better the new cartoons are compared to the old ones. I never thought I could draw this (and I said this when I was drawing the previous cartoons as well) So I guess practice does make better. And yes I apologize for the little details that I have missed or the inconsistent shading but I had in mind that the drawing would be features in a much smaller scale at the side of the blog, so these details won't matter.

For the tittle I used both Illustrator and Photoshop. I found if you create something in Photoshop the quality is really shitty (like text and shapes). It is better to create them in Illustrator and then insert them as smart objects in Photoshop.

I feel like I can talk about this for ages! So I will stop for now :)

If you have any question or suggestion about our new layout please let us know! We re-designed for our readers after all so it means a lot to us for you guys to like it.
Have a wonderful day,


  1. ahahahaahah exei format ptixiakhs to post ! ahahaah ~ef

    1. lol perimena an 8a t katalavaine kaneis hahahahahha

  2. I love how minimal and cute the layout is. The drawing is so adorable!


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