Friday, October 25, 2013

Walking with BubbleTea

Hello everyone, yesterday was a beautiful sunny day so we decided to go on a walk downtown. We went to the local bubble tea store and ordered our favourite flavoured drinks. Gracie had one that totally matches her hair. However, Daphne's drink didn't quite match hers but was close enough.
 Our close friend and photographer Efi was with us that day. She took these photos. Later on we went shopping, unfortunately we found nothing cute to wear but lots of important stuff to develop our blog.
Lately, we are supper busy preparing a new layout for Bubble my Licorice.  Our goal is to create a new minimal look with a lot of character. We hope you will like it as much as we do.
Have a great weekend everybody, see you again on Monday!

Daphne & Gracie


  1. you two have such an amazing style! i love it :)
    thanks for the visit! x

  2. Hi!!I love you style!!
    i'm your new follower...we can following each other...

    xoxo Francesca

  3. aren't you guys adorable!
    love the hair and outfits <3

  4. you two are the absolute cutest!


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