Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Trip to Parnitha 2

Hello everyone, 
today I would like to share with you some more photos of my trip to Parnitha, since I haven't posted my favourite thing of all! The red deers!
 They were so cute! We fed them with crackers which they absolutely loved and they were friendly. I wish they would let me pet them as well, maybe one day!
 The male deers weren't as social as the female ones, but we stumbled upon a male one if the forest!

 Later on we went to eat on a shelter on the mountain. The view was wonderful as you can see on the above picture. But even more wonderful was the food. Meatballs with pasta is my favourite food of them all. Check  out all the yuminess below:
 Next time, I will plan ahead and visit more places of the beautiful Parnithas and take even more pictures. I'm considering something like a picnic and if everything goes as planned it will be really great!
So yeah, have you been to the countryside recently?


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