Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trip to Ikea Part 2

Hello everyone, this is the second part of our Ikea walk. As you may remember we went there to buy some new lights. It's so hard to decide what you need when you have so many choices. When we found this blackboard we couldn't resist  to write the name of our blog!
Here you can see Daphne siting in one of the most colorful couches we have ever seen. Must be a blast to have colorful items like pillows in your room to give it a little bit of joy! I don't know why but the light blue and the pink are the most beautiful colors in this photo :P
Gracie on the other side choose a green background. The black and white armchair isn't really impressive but you can't do much if you have a green room.
Baking in the kitchen is almost our favorite thing so it is quite obvious why Daphne looks so happy in front of the croissants.Maybe if they were real she would be even happier!
We had so much fun and we did some serious research for lights. The only sad thing is that Ella wasn't with us to enjoy the moments.
Do you enjoy shopping furniture?

Gracie & Daphne


  1. I adore Ikea! Always get sucked in and buy things I really don't need!! xx

  2. Got to love Ikea! On a non-furniture related note, their ginger biscuits are to die for.... x

  3. I get lost in Ikea constantly! the food floats my boat though! x x ps I love your blog x x

  4. i love ikea! so many things to see and buy! love the ice cream there!

    The Petite Blogger

  5. soo cutes!! i love your hair**

  6. eprepe na grafate kai to url apo katw tosos kosmos pernaei ahaha~ ef

  7. Great post, Thanks for sharing!:)

    Hugs, Brittany, xx



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