Saturday, October 5, 2013

Model Model Deep Invisible Part Synthetic Wig Mocha

Hello everyone :)
I hope you remember the wigs me and Daphne bought a while ago.
Today I'm gonna show you my Model Model Deep Invisible Part Synthetic Wig Mocha!
The wig was originally curly but I straighten it since it is made from a heat resistant fiber.
I also made the parting lighter with a concealer and a white eyeshadow.
This trick instantly gave the wig a natural look.
The hair isn't super soft but I loved the dark roots and the light blond ends.
Furthermore it doesn't get easily tangled.
(maybe now that it's straight it gets tangled even less)
Here you can see the length!
The only thing that I don't understand is why all the wigs have their parting on the right side..
I wish they had it on the left side but since I don't like it that way I misplace the wig a little bit to move the parting in the middle.
One last thing I observed is that this isn't the fullest wig ever but this could be a positive thing 
since none has huge hair when they are layered.
I hope you have an awesome weekend!



  1. You´re so beautiful!
    xo Jajka

  2. This wig looks great on you! Do you remember what color you purchased it in?


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