Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Is Blue The Warmest Color? A Movie I Won't See...

I always thought that blue is a cool color *laughs*
but when it comes to this movie I have nothing to laugh with.
Before I start mentioning all those things that repulsed me and had me decide that this movie belongs to the trash can I should mention that I haven't seen the movie and I'm not going to.
The main reason is that I'm extremely tired seeing movies that oversexualise teens.

Recently has been more "accepting" in cinematography to present young women as sexual object. Movies like Spring breakers don't hesitate to show us without any limitation female body parts at any occasion creating a creepy male view in the movies..
Blue is the warmest color does the same thing, creeping young girls and putting the camera so close to their faces that we can almost smell or taste them ew.
This technique is not only creepy but creates the illusion that the perverted mind of the male viewer has the right to be so close to a teen girl, a lawyer can inform you that they can't.
The second part that disgusts me even more is the male view lesbian sex scenes. I don't even know how a heterosexual male can direct a lesbian sex scene.The paradox of this action can be resumed in the 10 minutes of "untamed" lesbian sex that they all talk about.
So this movie does not only presents young women as sexual objects but also succeeds to objectify lesbian sex and lesbian women as it presents them from a male view.
It has been known that the hardcore sex scenes were shot with the help of prosthetic vaginas, cause that's really classy.I guess the main reason behind that is not to typify this movie as porn.
Lat but not least I would like to mention that the protagonists admitted that they were forced by the misogynist director Abdellatif Kechiche to shoot the famous sex scene for 8 hours and it was a real torture.
So no I wouldn't like to see a movie that heterosexual women were practically forced to have sex with each other and claimed that it was a horrible experience.I'd rather keep this sadistic image away from me and see some real movies, like the ones with the original characters.



  1. i like this post ! o kathenas tou kathete mia mlkia kai tin kanei tainia nomizontas oti einai texnh ~*sarkastika*lol =ef=

  2. I've never heard of this movie before, but I am so glad you are taking it from a very feminist standpoint--love it. I definitely don't like the idea of a "misogynist" male director shooting lesbian sex scenes, and I definitely can see where you're coming from when you call it "objectifying" young women.
    Keep standing up!

  3. So glad you posted this view point. And your blog is awesome! Keep up the good work!

  4. I'm a feminist and I love you guys but I just have to say after seeing the movie that I liked it and I think it describes well the difficulties of coming out of the closet and life of teen agers. It has got realistic lesbian sex scenes with ordinary looking people and it's nothing like porn. Sex scenes are probably difficult to some actors whether they're with boys or girls but I'm sure these actresses we're not forced to be in the movie. I cannot say if the director is some kind of creepy pedophile or not but the movie is not bad.


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