Thursday, October 17, 2013

Guest Post for Sole Provisions

Hello everyone, today we invited Sole Provisions to share with you some tips in recognising whether the products you bought are fake or jenuine. Sole Provisions is an american-based website dedicated in selling the most fashionable yet comfortable shoes there are. 

Tell-Tale Signs That You've Been Sold Fake Designer Shoes

We all like to wear designer shoes, but these do tend to come with a steep price. That is why we might be tempted every now and then to take advantage of a good deal we might find, even if we might suspect that the shoes are not the real deal. Fake merchandise is a problem in a lot of industries. Whether we are talking about orthoheels, high heels, or sneakers, fake designer shoes are actually quite common. If you want to know whether a pair you just bought is real or not, here are a few tips to help out.
1. Check the inner tag
This is the first thing that can provide you with some clues regarding the authenticity of the shoes. It will be a lot more useful if you have an authentic pair from the same manufacturer in order to compare the tags, but common issues include listing the wrong production year or using the wrong font or format.

2. Look at the box
The box that the shoes came in can tell a lot about them. Fake shoes will come in a simple box without too many graphics and usually just wrapped in simple plastic. An original box will fit the size of the shoes precisely, will come with labels and a box tag.

3. Check them online
Regardless of the types of shoes you just bought, you can find plenty of information on them from an official source, most likely the website of the manufacturer. Look them up and compare them to the shoes you have. Just from pictures alone you should be able to tell if something is off.

When you are looking for genuine, top-quality footwear, visit Sole Provisions. You are sure to find something that you will like.

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