Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Forest Photoshoot

Hello everyone :)Today we prepared a new post in the forest because we realised that
we haven't took any photos with the two of us together for a long time.Our friend Efi was our photographer 
and she gave us her instructions during the photoshoot.
It's really nice that the weather isn't cold yet althought we are in the middle of October..So we had the chance to wear our cute dresses.
Daphne wore a black Halloween inspired dress and Gracie wore pink dress just to steal the pink thunder from Daphne's hair.and she did
During the photoshoot a cute stray dog was following us.He was really friendly and kept really quite.
Unfortunatelly he didn't know how to model so we haven't got any decent photos of him..
Efi kept saying that the lighting wasn't quite right but we felt that it was nice. We think that the best time to take some photos is just before the sunset.
The last rays of the sun compliment the skin and they don't create harsh shadows. The only problem is that during the winter  you have to take the photos quickly. Also we love taking photos in the nature but many people like  a more industrial style. How do you feel about it?
So what is your favorite place to shoot photos?
Have an awesome week!

Daphne & Gracie


  1. "Efi kept saying that the lighting wasn't quite right
    but we felt that it was nice." through the shade ~

  2. forest is my favorite place for taking photoshoot <3

  3. Aww... You both look so pretty and both of your dresses are really cute. :) I like taking photos in parks and I'm sure I would taking pictures in a forest, except that there aren't any forests in Perth... :)


  4. You're both adorable. I loved theme photoshoots, especially the ones in the nature. It really depends, on the outfit of the day and the light, whether I'll pick a nature or an industrial backdrop.

  5. Why, ladies, don't you both look enchantingly marvelous! I feel like a modern day fairy tale should be written about you and your forest adventures.

    Big hugs & many thanks for your lovely blog comment today,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. you both look absolutely beautiful! <3 love your hair http://britishmermaid.blogspot.co.uk

  7. Great hairrrr!! visit:http://fashionglamour-beatriz.blogspot.pt/

  8. These are the cutest photos, your hair is the coolest thing ever. The forest looks amazing as well, and cute dog following you!! Would you like to follow eachother? Let me know on my blog if you do, thank you!!


  9. You two look amaaaaazing. :) The lighting looks pretty good and even in the photos :) Outdoors is the best especially around nature & gardens :)


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