Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ella Strikes Again

Ella these days is super active
and she can't help herself jumping around..
Look at this round face!
Here she tried to take her first selfie.
I think she's looking fierce!
In this pose we can see her belly,
she has gained some pounds but they make her cutter!
She really doesn't believe in body stereotypes.
Awww sometimes she's so shy.
Maybe she's not as diva as we think she is..
That's what Ella is up to, basically eating, sleeping, jumping around 
and staring with her enormous green eyes.



  1. How cute! I love the pictures! :D
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :)


  2. ella is sooooooooooooo cute! =^^=

    greetings from shonu :) (bows and pearls)


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