Monday, October 28, 2013

Ella Having Trouble Socialising

Hello everyone! Today I want to talk about a problem that Ella has with other cats. Ella was a little stray cat when we found her, she didn't seem injured but she was definitely undernourished. But we welcomed her, we fed her and we tried our best to transform her into a fine lady.
She doesn't have any problem socialising with people, well that's almost truth cause she might have a little problem with children, but she can't socialise with other cats. Every now and then we try to meet her with Efi's cats, the results are rather disappointing.
Ella is really scared of the other cats and she doesn't get too close. Most of the time she stays "hidden" (she thinks she hides, in these photos you can see how well she can become invisible) Anyway there might me a chance to get along with sir Meowulis (the male cat you see in the photo above) but she has serious problems with the Efi's female cat!
We don't know what to do in this situation. Should we try more to get them closer or we should accept the idea that Ella won't have cat friends?



  1. hahaha best post ~ef

  2. You probably should give Ella her own bowl to eat and drink from and play with her the same amount time as with others cat.

    P.S. When my aunt came for 2 days with her cat, my cat was so frightened that she hidden at the top of the wardrobe and didn't come down the whole time. When my aunt left, I climbed stairs to get my cat down and gave her a tour around the appartment while carrying her on my arms to show her that she's the only cat and the other one left. Only after it, she calmed down, ate a lot of food, went to the toilet and slept on the floor.

    1. She refuses to eat while we are there. She tries to sniff the other cats or sleeps a bit (when there is only one other cat in the room). Also, she will play but with moderation. I don't think she is jealous, she is just tense and too shy. She will try to sniff them while they are eating or sleeping. The other cats are much more relaxed.
      Once a friend of mine stayed with her cat for 2 days in our house and she literally flipped. She kept hissing all the time and when he finally left she ran all over the house and layed everywhere to claim the space. She was almost too happy. hahaaha.



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