Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The cutest wallet ever!

Hello everyone, in today's post I will present to you my new cute wallet!
It's a white letter-inspired wallet that was gifted to me by Surfdome.
It opens at the front where it has a cute metallic bow and has letter markings all around. It is the 
cream letter purse by Ollie & Nic, a vintage inspired brand that manufactures the cutest wallets and purses. Surdome.com is a british lifestyle store, it has a huge variety of goods for all ages and genders. And the best part is that they offer super fast delivery and free worldwide shipping for orders over 75 GPB. 
The cutest part of it is the back, where they have the "address" and stamps.
You can check it out the details better in the pictures below.
Look at that little heart and the flower stamp! It's just perfect. The wallet seems sturdy as well and it's flat enough to fit smaller purses. This is actually the reason I really needed a new wallet, my old one was so large that it was ruining the shape of my bags! (and the change kept falling out)
Inside it has pink and purple polka dots and the change pocket has a zipper which is great. It has a pocket on the back as well! I know where I'm gonna keep my frozen yogurt and bubble tea cards now, hehe.

In these photos you can also see how much my hair color has faded in the past 8 weeks. Ugh! It takes so long for it to fade completely away. Right now my bangs and the very ends of my hair are really faded but the in-between of my hair is bright purple. And the black roots just make the whole thing more spectacular.

What is one recent purchase you made that you love?



  1. Awww, so cute! I love it. I'd not heard of Surfdome before so I'll have to check them out. - Tasha xxx

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