Saturday, September 14, 2013

New dress and New hair!

Hello everyone! As I've mentioned in my previous post, I've started working and a company (internship) and decided before going on the job interview to dye my hair a darker color as to not draw so much attention to my hair. In the photos below my hair look a LOT darker that it actually is, in reality its a cool dark purple.
In my next post Ill post pictures of the actuall hair color in natural lighting! I've dyed them with a combination of the direction colors "Dark Tulip" and "Violet" which means that they will hopefully wash out to my previous light pink hair color, and tone them as well. As of right now, exactly 2 months later my hair is significantly lighter and heading to the right direction.
So before my interview Gracie gave me this wonderful dress  as a gift and she got one herself too. We'll probably make a post wearing the dresses together like uniforms! They are both from ASOS (they are on sale now! damn!).
Here you can see me and Ella looking crazy. I just looove this photo. It really captures hair constant expression that makes us laugh. She was probably in the middle of biting my hand because I held her (gasp!). Also, she is not cross-eyed i swear! 
As for my life's news, my exams are delayed for at least 2 weeks because of protests. Which means that I'm a bit less stressed out but it will take longer to finish my school. So I'm not sure whether to be happy or not with this turn of events. I was actually looking forward going on vacation as soon as I've finished my school. And now, given that I'm not sure when the school will be open again, I'm starting to feel less motivated to study which sucks, as it is important to stay focused. Hopefully I'll get back in my program soon!
But the great news is that my internship ended yesterday and I'm finally free! woo! Well, I really really didn't like working there and it actually really affected my mood. But hopefully all its over now and ill be back at my happy self. Plus, I ll get back to gym with Gracie and our friend Efi were we had a great time and Ill have more time for sewing blogging and generally getting better to all the things i love and have neglected.
Which is great! More details on everything in future posts!



  1. You look amazing!
    The new hair color is very cute :)
    And the dress... omg :O

  2. I love dark purple for a hair colour, it is beautiful!


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