Monday, September 30, 2013

Ella Modeling

Hello everyone :)
Ella the cat ready to be the talk of the town!
In this photoshoot she was really sleepy 
but this didn't stop her from delivering her best poses.
She's a natural talent!
This is the pose "what I'm doing with my life"
actually she does nothing..
as always..
Here we can see her bathing herself 
without even using her tongue!
Finally in this pose we can see that she is pretty annoyed by the camera
and the look in her eyes can be interpreted as: 
"if you take another shot you'll taste my claws"
I guess that's a wrap everybody!
The model needs some time to rest..



  1. Love her!
    Did you neuter her at the end?
    She seems so happy!
    Kisses from my 2 cats & me as always!


    1. Hi! Kisses from us as well!
      Yes we did neutralise her when she was about 6 months old, just after her first heat.
      Here is our post:
      This also includes my favourite video of her!
      Thank you


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