Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2 Year Hair Timeline

Hello everyone :)
Today I feel it's a hair day so all I'm gonna talk about is hair!
First of all I have to admit that in the past I had really strong hair and even though they had split ends and they were quite dry they were really really long. I was actually growing them out for 2 years so it wasn't surprising that they were long.
But almost 2 years ago I though that a change would make
 me look and feel better so I cut them off.
And then I cut them again..
and here you can see how short they were..
This is really short for me.
Now that I see it again I can't believe it.
After that I wanted pink hair 
but it wasn't easy to dye them pink and I had to bleach them over and over! (I think I bleached them 3 times)
The first try was a total disaster and I was so disappointed I was about to cry.
Finally after the bleaching process I had pink hair just like Daphne 
and I was really excited about it!
But just when they started growing back I went to a hairdresser and she cut them off again..
One month later I was ready to go blue!
First I had this dark blue and then I bleached them and I achieved this bright blue that I have ever since(over a year now)
The hardest part with this color is the roots..
I have to bleach them white and this is ultra damaging for my hair!
This is a current photo of my hair and you can see that they are longer.
In fact I took it one minute ago..
So my hair is not healthy any more, I have a lot of breakage and I'm worried 
but I wouldn't like to stop bleaching them..
I obviously have stopped all the heat and I'm trying to moisturise them once a week.
Is there anything I can do to help them stop breaking and grow?
Is there any good mask or a product that does miracles??



  1. your longest hair look so healthy <3 actually i want to dye my hair to stupid color too such as purple, but one of my friend said its only good with make up. if i dont wear make up its gonna look not right. is that right?

  2. Love the blue hair, looks great on you! My hair's also suffering from bleaching and dyeing every month, but I can keep the breakage under control with the 'Franck Provost Expert RĂ©paration mask', I use it everytime I wash my hair. xoxo


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