Friday, August 16, 2013

Vacation in Crete Part 1

Hello everyone :)
As I promised today I'm gonna show you some photos I took from Crete!
Crete is a huge island and sadly I had the chance to see just a small part of it's beauty.
I loved all the beaches, all of them had clear waters and soft sand waiting for you to dig!
This beach is called Falassarna and it was so huge
 that everyone had plenty of space to swim!
My new bikini perfectly matched the beach!
Also it was a little bit windy so you couldn't feel the sun burning you.
This is a really big problem because if you forget to put a ton of sunscreen
it's quite sure you'll be burned!
The next beach I visited was Finikodasos (palm forest)
Palm trees are not exactly ordinary in Greece
 so I was really excited to see them by the sea.
This forest was burned few years ago but now it's all green.
It's really impressive that many palm trees are still a little bit black from the smoke of the fire 
but they are still growing.
Here again are the palm trees that they are almost touching the sea.
This is definitely my favorite photo
This is the end of part one,
get ready for part two..


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