Monday, August 19, 2013

Trip to Parnitha

Hello everyone,
A few weeks back (right before I started working) I went on a one-day trip at mountain Parnitha. Much of the mountain is designated a national park and covers about 250 square kilometres of land. We visited the Mpafi shelter there and the area around it. 

It was really beautiful and refreshing since the temperature there is usually 10+ degrees less compared to Athens. In fact I was happy that I had a sweater or else I would catch a cold!
There are plenty pine and fir trees providing nice shade. There are picnic tables around but we didn’t have time to prepare and ate at the shelter nearby instead (photos in my next post). There are deers as well willing to be fed by people!
Overall it was a great day and helped me relax a bit ‘cause nowadays it’s not really often that I take a day break. I’ve been busy with school exams and my thesis almost everyday since Christmas, I feel. Like immediately after the exams I started working on my thesis, then exams again in June while still working on my thesis. 3 weeks ago the opportunity rose for me to work for a company (2 month internship) and I didn’t want to miss that chance. So now I have to complete my thesis, study for my final exams at my university and complete my internship and all these will be over by October 3rd.  
So yeah, this trip pretty much my vacation for the summer (I didn’t know that then) but I promised myself I will go for a week’s long vacation in October ! Talk to you soon! Daphne

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  1. Taking a trip to other place isn’t that bad if while working with thesis project, especially if the place looks like Parnitha! It can certainly be a thesis help desk that would relieve that mind from stress that is brought by thesis writing. Anyway, the place looks amazing. Pretty sure you had a blast there!


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