Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Body Issues

Hello everyone :)
Today I just came back from my summer vacation!
I went to Crete and I had a blast.
I'll make a post really soon with photos of the island but now I prefer to talk about another topic..
Today while I was in the boat I overheard a group of girls talking about their summer vacation.
They all said that they had a great time BUT they wouldn't dare to upload the photos they took because they were really disappointed with their bodies..
Let me rephrase that..
10 girls all agreed that they wouldn't upload ANY of the photos they took while they were on vacation cause ALL OF THEM felt really bad about their bodies.

This is so crazy!
They kept saying over and over that the scenery was awesome but their big fat thighs ruined the photos.
I was wondering how it is possible for all of them to have the same opinion.
I still don't know why I didn't do something..
For one moment I thought "Oh I know that feeling.." but suddenly I almost slapped myself with the sudden realisation that this thought is extremely inappropriate.
You start by saying "oh maybe if my stomach was flat or maybe if my thighs had a gap I would have the self esteem to post those photos"..
No this is wrong on so many levels, we beat ourselves everyday for no reason.
Why do I need to look like a barbie to love myself.
Society doesn't have the power to destroy you when you love yourself, society waits to hear you say "what if" and then break you.
It all starts from within, sometimes we have to find our inner power to fight the voice who says you are not good enough.. cause you are!


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