Friday, August 9, 2013

New Wigs

Hello everyone :)
Me and Daphne finally bought new wigs!!
They are awesome!
We really love wigs cause it's so amazing to change your whole image in one minute!
The blond wig is the Model Model synthetic lace front wig baby tiara
and the brown one is the Model Model synthetic hair deep invisible part wig mocha.
I really loved the blond one 
and I feel that the lace front wigs are so easy to wear.
This is my first lace front wig and the hair is so soft and nice
Actually both wigs are really realistic and they are not even real hair!
They don't even tangle that much!
It's so impressive!
Also both wigs are in nice colors.
The blond in these photos seems more yellow but the real color is a perfect really light blond.
I think a new obsession has just started..



  1. those look like your real hair! how brilliant :) x

  2. Hi,
    I really loved your wigs specially the blond one and looking forward to get one. Both wigs are in nice colors. I've been wearing wigs for a very long time and prefer to buy it online from this store of Elevate Styles. Keep posting similar good pics :)

  3. Every wig (perücke) shown here is simply nice and looks like quite genuine. These wigs allow you create various stylish looks every day. Moreover, they can also be utilized by women suffering from hair loss due to various hair problems. I am also aware of a center which specializes in designing hair wigs of different styles. I am sharing that link, you can visit there once.


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