Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cute Cat Photoshoot

Hello everyone! How you've been?
We are super busy with school this days since we are both doing our best to graduate college this summer! It sucks since summer is really the worst season to study. It's so hot everyday and the sun is making me feel sleepy and have headaches all the time. Thank God for the air conditions!
But if you were a cat (like Ella below) you would lay lazily on the balcony at noon and be happy. 

Like how cats even do that? They are hairy everywhere yet they like sitting in the sun. I'm doing my best trying to have cool water for her and having a semi-cool room for her to relax but maybe from now on i should brew her some tea and bring back her winter blanket.
Heat aside though, look how cute she is!! I just dye every time I see these photos so i had to share. I've already made this photo my PC desktop background, my phone background and showed it to all my friends and relatives.
Just look at that face! Look at that belly! 

We took an awful load of pictures of course, cause we had to since it's not easy to make this cat pose. I call this photo shoot a success until of course she started doing some weird things.
hahahahahaha look at this perv face! I tried to rub her belly but I've been instantly bitten. And in the pic below you can see how much she enjoyed that.
Of course biting my feet and hands (and nose) is her favorite habit but unfortunately we never caught her on camera. Below you can see her claw clearly stuck on my watch and her "What did i do" face.
How can you get mad at this kitteh?? Eat away my cat friend i don't need my hands! it's OK!
Argh i wish i could spent more time with her or get her a little cat buddy to play with.. I hope eventually that will happen.

So yeah, once we are finished with exams we will update with all our new adventures :)
Have a great week!



  1. I ain't really a "cat" person but I love this one. I like dogs but I can't resist cute cats like this. Makes me go awwww. sooo cute :)

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  2. love your cat, >< so cute !

  3. My cat suntans more than any human being on this earth, and if I bug him during his "Lazy time" I am asking for a biting :)
    adorable cat!
    Yasmine xx

  4. MMMM....She's so cute!


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